We welcome you to ORELT and hope that you will find the resources useful and relevant to your classroom activities. Our aim is to provide you- i.e teachers in junior secondary schools (JSS) with a range of resources that you can adapt and use in your classrooms to promote effective communication among your students. Please remember that THIS IS NOT A COURSE but a bank of resources you can adapt and use. You do not have to move around the modules in a sequential manner and you may decide to use a whole module or only a unit of a module or only a section of a module. You may decide to do only some or all of the activities in the modules.The choice is yours. You are also free to modify any module or unit or section to suit the needs and circumstances of your students.

If you are a teacher educator, ORELT provides a variety of open content support resources which you can easily adapt and use in your activities as you prepare your students for the onerous task of teaching at JSS level.

The Open Resources for English Language Teaching (ORELT) portal is intended to support the classroom activities of teachers of junior secondary schools (JSS). The aims of ORELT are to:

  • Provide a bank of ‘open content’ multi-media resources in on-line and traditional text formats that will support school based education and training for teachers in junior secondary schools;
  • Provide ‘open content’ support resources for teacher educators who prepare teachers for junior secondary schools. To achieve these aims a Situation analysis of English language teaching (ELT) in selected Commonwealth nations was undertaken to determine strengths, gaps and challenges of teaching English in Africa and Asia. This formed the basis for developing appropriate materials that address the needs and realities of JSS teachers.

We hope these resources will be useful to teachers and teacher educators. We urge all users of ORELT to register an account on this site so you may post your comments on the discussion forum and submit your own resources related to each learning module.

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